Drake’s New Hairstyles 2018/2019

It appears as if Drake has always a similar hairstyle however there’ve actually been several types on a style. He does have a tendency to wear the favorite and perfect buzz style, line up, and fade mixture.

On the other hand, frequently it’s shorter, in some occasion it’s longer and sometimes comes with a shaved area to combine things up. Occasionally, Drake also grows hair longer to get some waves.

A different style but consistent is facial beard. Drake’s groomed facial hair is usually there be it an indication of stubble or shorter but thicker beard.

Fade + Buzz Cut

Drake fade haircut + Buzz

Drake’s preferred hairstyle is a smooth, low-maintenance buzz cut which has a lineup etching over the top of his head and a simple fade around the edges. Also, he wear a basic thicker facial beard.

Low Skin Fade + Full Beard

Drake short haircut curve
Actually, This is not Drake’s new hairstyles.

On this appearance, the legendary rap artist chooses a short buzz cut which has a lower skin fade close to his entire head. Drake’s fade is buzzed alongside a shape up within the hair line and something notable curled line designed into his hairstyle. Also, he allows his whole facial beard grow over to its maximum volume.

Short Buzz Cut + Line Up

Drake haircut 2016

On this smooth, clean-cut appearance, Drake wear a short buzz cut together with his regular design of rectangle-shaped lines surrounding his face. His sideburns lineup and link up together with his beard, which happens to be cut towards a fresh chinstrap line and subtle mustache.

Short Curly Afro

Drake waves curly hair with facial hair

This appearance is most often knowledgeable about the Canadian rap star’s youthful times. He applies to an even more purely natural appearance with a shorter, curly Afro and a good facial beard.

Skin Fade + Thick Beard

Drake new haircut 2018

Here, Drake cut his hair with a higher skin fade on the edges and subtle sideburns lines hooking up the soft hairstyle to a heavy, maximum beard.

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