The Right Hairstyles for Oblong Face Male

With its high shape but usually well-balanced characteristics, the true secret to displaying an oblong face is in managing the hair’s proportionalities. Even though many hairstyles work nicely, too many lengths on the top or to brief on the edges will risk lengthening the face shape. The most secure strategy could be basic scissor cuts while staying away from extremes.

Hairstyles for oblong face male need to concentrate on the sides or over the forehead while keeping moderately flat on the top. A hairstyle that utilizes gravity to allow the hair drop the natural way will give you adequate amount and highlight the forehead’s width without the need of lengthening its length.


  • Even or well-balanced slashes
  • Hairssyles that actually work with gravity
  • Basic “scissor” cuts


  • Far too tight on rear and sides
  • An excess of height or length at the top
  • Stay away from extreme styles

The length of the face is the most significant in measurement, even though the forehead, cheekbones and jawline offer a similar experience. This kind of shape can be a combination between oval and rectangular shape. You need to focus on selecting hairdos that boost balance; completing the face out with a few lengths on the top and on the edges to maintain the face from appearing too long. Don’t head out way too short at the sides, which can undoubtedly stretch out the face even more.

Side parted

Short Hairstyles for Oblong Face Male

The side part hairstyle is a great selection, as long as you maintain the edges much longer. Hairstyling the fringe over your forehead using a side part is best of all, as it make the forehead look shorter. The side part likewise prevents more length on top of the design, which may also result in the face appear a lot longer. A little bit of stubble facial hair can also help to “shorten” the face in the bottom.

Buzz cut

Short Hairstyles for Men with Oblong Face

Short Hairstyles Men with Oblong Face

The Buzz haircut is a great one given that it’s quite brief all over. By sporting short on the sides as well as a bit lengthier at the top, you’ll be elongating the face area. If you wish to use your hair much longer at the top; attempt sporting your facial beard in a small stubble. This can send in the face a little bit, putting definition and color-play to the face, taking away awareness from the entire face.

Fringe up

Oval face shape men hairstyle

Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape Male with Beards

hairstyle for oblong face men

You can put on your hair edge up, but you’ll need to be aware of not lengthening the oblong face shape a little bit more. Get the hair stylist reduce your hair in a style which results in the edges a little bit lengthier than the traditional “short sides and lengthier on top” hairstyle. Once you style the locks, give a little bit of dry-look wax for your edges, and ruffle your hair using your hands to appear thicker and broader.

Side fringe

Hairstyle for oblong face male

The side fringe hairstyle is considered the ideal hairstyle for oblong face shape male. The angled fringe addresses a big part of the forehead; creating the face area seem reduced than it really is. The fringe also detracts the attention from the entire face, just like any style’s bangs are usually a focus. Put together the side fringe using a brief, cut beard to offer the most suitable appeareance for an oblong face shape.

Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape Male with Beards

oblong haircuts male with beards

Beards Hairstyles for Male with Oblong Face Shape

Healthy Full beards threat lengthening the face even more and so the goal here is to reduce it and square off the jawline area. Implementing quantity to the edges while decreasing the lengths on the chin area is a safer method to use to make a more chiselled facial shape. This can be accomplished with a complete beard. Spacious Side Burns or moustaches can also be very effective in delivering volume to the cheekbones and reducing the face correspondingly. They’re also perfect for creating a bold statement!

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